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Tornados, Floods and Fears

My 10-year-old went into an absolute panic as we drove along listening to an NPR story about the Southern tornado and flood devastation. We will be leaving Washington in a matter of months for my new job at Eastern Kentucky. Spokane has … Continue reading

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Apple and the Ethics of Indiscretion

Which is worse: That your iPhone is tracking your every move without you knowing about it, or that this little feature was corporate accident? Apple better come up with a reason other than, “We didn’t mean to.” Lawmakers are clamoring for an … Continue reading

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Losing our Minds: Rise of Tablets Doesn’t Mean Rise in Reading

Sure, the birth of the tablet has been largely credited with fall of Borders and the decline of the American bookstore, at least according to the Economist. Yet Google‘s newly released study shows 84 percent of tablet users mostly play … Continue reading

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