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Apple and the Ethics of Indiscretion

Which is worse: That your iPhone is tracking your every move without you knowing about it, or that this little feature was corporate accident? Apple better come up with a reason other than, “We didn’t mean to.” Lawmakers are clamoring for an … Continue reading

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Ethics of naming a Person of the Year

TIME magazine made a significant value choice when it named Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year over its third ranking Julian Assange. On one hand Assange did reshape international diplomacy in one giant data dump; on the other … Continue reading

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New business model needed to create privacy

Howard Rheingold told NPR this morning that current college students are the first generation of folks who will not get jobs or get into graduate school because of their Facebook postings. This paradox creates the prime opportunity for new social networking businesses … Continue reading

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No such thing as a whisper

Social media privacy largely has become  an oxymoron, but Wikileaks’ Cablegate has expanded the definition of social media to any conversation anywhere, making the very idea of secrets a moronic expectation. Wikileaks calls its actions ethical because the classified and confidential cables … Continue reading

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