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Losing our Minds: Rise of Tablets Doesn’t Mean Rise in Reading

Sure, the birth of the tablet has been largely credited with fall of Borders and the decline of the American bookstore, at least according to the Economist. Yet Google‘s newly released study shows 84 percent of tablet users mostly play … Continue reading

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Bar Karma and “What Others Receive”

For the cutting edge crowd-sourced drama Bar Karma to survive, CurrentTV creators need to listen to a little bit of music. The show’s writers could use some help from Darren Solomon. He asked a bunch of musicians to create two-minute scores that could be played … Continue reading

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Micro-local meets HuffPost meets the World

Two big things happened in the last 24 hours: Google exec and internet activist Wael Ghonim tweeted that he’d been released from an Egyptian jail and Arianna Huffington announced a merger with AOL. Google has created a spreadsheet to track missing … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Real Speech Problem

Severing internet and cell phone lines means Egypt took a frightening step in censorship: All speech was washed out, not just the political fire. This YouTube video went viral before the plug was pulled, but apparently users inside Egypt cannot … Continue reading

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MLK Connections

Perhaps the most important aspect of ethics is virtue: what kind of person do you want to be? How do you practice good habits to become that person? Today is the 25th anniversary of the MLK holiday. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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