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Apple and the Ethics of Indiscretion

Which is worse: That your iPhone is tracking your every move without you knowing about it, or that this little feature was corporate accident? Apple better come up with a reason other than, “We didn’t mean to.” Lawmakers are clamoring for an … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Counters Extremism with Truth, a.k.a. Lies

The U.S. Military is creating fake profiles on foreign social media web sites designed to counter extremist viewpoints and paint a more attractive portrait of American policy. The new software is called the cutting edge of psychological warfare. “The Centcom … Continue reading

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Gaddafi losing social media war

Perhaps one day world dictators will be effective in using social media to be persuasive. That didn’t happen today. Even as rumors swirled that Gaddafi has been shot, the Libyan government sent out a mass text message threatening protesters they would face … Continue reading

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Multimedia ≠ Real Interactivity

Murdoch’s new product The Daily offers really cool multimedia projects but no web links, no contacts to the writers, no comments pages. Hey, it’s anti-Open Source and proud of it. So, we have a nationally targeted magazinish product that gives us … Continue reading

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MLK Connections

Perhaps the most important aspect of ethics is virtue: what kind of person do you want to be? How do you practice good habits to become that person? Today is the 25th anniversary of the MLK holiday. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Internet beats TV

My cousin is a television news producer and he has teased me that I worked for a dead medium. This Pew Study now provides evidence for what we both knew as inevitable about television: People under 30 now get most … Continue reading

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